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Jacumba April 13, 2024
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Jacumba Information and Highlights

Here's a quick rundown of our list:

Jacumba Information and Highlights

Located meters away from the US/Mexican Border, Jacumba, California is part of the famously referred to Hot Springs section of the State.

Occupied by the Kumeyaa people, prior to the European’s sacking and pillaging, Jacumba has become a beacon of spas and resorts in the area. After the Spaniards settle in and the conquistadors had their way with the Native People, Ranchers proliferated in the area. Up until the very end of the 19th Century, Ranchers and Indians were caught in a hostile circle of violence and conflict. One of the most prolific moments in these war occurred in February 27, 1880, when local landowners slew and hung over 15 Natives for cattle rustling.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the health and relaxation benefits of natural hot springs began to upsurge. A boom of commercialization seized the area. The region was caught in frenzy of expansion and marketing potential. Real Estate tycoons flooded the area and started constructing resorts, hotels, public baths and restaurants. A tiny oasis of hot springs toeing the line with Mexico.

The the 1920’s the town had a world class hotel,. It had become a top destination for silver screen idols and famous celebs’ of that era. Each an every movie star attracted by the natural panaromas, the exquisite amenities and the sulfuring waters that gave off a pleasant smells and did wonders for the skin.

Jacumba’s role as premier vacation trap for the creme de la creme started to decline post Second World War, when it began to feel the competition as Murrieta and Palm Springs open up their services. The stake, that ended up killing the vampire for almost 50 years occurred when Interstate 8 bypassed Jacumba by two miles; drawing the trade to its roadside services and leaving the small town to shrivel up and die.


The area is dry with an annual average rainfall of 11.8 inches (300 mm). It is a desert terrain where the temperature oscillates between extremes. Nonetheless, the volcanic landscape, plus the mountain ranges east of In-Ko-Pah Mountains afford this area a hot blast of air. Temperatures have been known to climb in midday into the upper 90’s and even, crossing that threshold and hitting the 105ºF with ease.


Recreation in the Hot Springs area is reserved for two things. One: walkabouts and nature adventures. Excursions into the valley and Mars like environment. Hiking trails and bird watching a must in the area for any lover of sandy and desert terrains. Two: sitting back, relaxing and taking the load off, in one of the many spas the area has developed for you and your kin.


Jacumba’s shopping options are very, very, very limited. They mostly range around the Interstate, with local general stores and Native American souvenir shops. It is a solitary town, whose propose is to permit its many tourist to unwind and defrock the hardships and stress of big city life. A weekend of week, bequeathed to them for the sole propose of disconnecting.

  • The Love Shack - 44461 Old Highway 80 - (619) 202-4209
  • Mountain Sage Market - 44475 Old Hwy 80 - (619) 766-0012
  • Weeping Buffalo Native Arts - 43355 Old Hwy 80 - (619) 647-1926


Restaurants in Jacumba are, like its shoppings, limited. Nonetheless, it does sport its obligatory border diner, its homely corner cafe and, above all, a stellar and elegant bistro inside its world renowned Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Resort.

  • Jay’s Southern Cafe - 44461 Old 80 Hwy - (619) 766-0053
  • Jacumba Lounge and Restaurant - 44500 Old Hwy 80 - (619) 766-4333
  • Mr. Jalapeño El Burrito Mexicano - 44461 Old Hwy 80 - (619) 766-9390


Jacumba nightlife is a bit strange and “off the books”. Bars and discos aren’t exactly fixtures of this tiny community. Still, despite this setback, the natives know how to party. Communal events and block celebrations, for every reason imaginable, flourish constantly in this little border town.


Jacumba has a population of 500. A mix match affair with Whites and Hispanics dominating in almost equal numbers the top echelons. Other races within the border town are African Americans, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans. The largest age brackets are 18-24 and 45-65.


Jacumba has one Elementary School, all other venues of Educational Academies stand outside its borders in nearby towns. State Universities and Higher Learning pavilions can be found near and about San Diego, California.

  • Jacumba Elementary School - Jacumba Hot Springs - 619-766-4464.


Jacumba’s many landmarks are of the natural proclivity. Still, despite its small population and its few blocks, this quaint shire has managed to sink its teeth into a community park, a world class spa and resort, a Desert View Tower, and a local airfield/airport.


Jacumba is the sort of spot where one can easily outlive his or hers contemporary. It is the sort a place that prolongs life with a healthy addition of all the right ingredients. Its hot springs servings as eponymous fountains of youths; its weather managing to clean up the toxic waste poisoning us; and its calm and tranquil neighborhood chasing our worries away and boot kicking stress out of our existence.

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