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Descanso October 2, 2023
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Descanso Information and Highlights

Here's a quick rundown of our list:

Descanso Information and Highlights

Descanso, located in the Cuyumaca Mountains within the Mountain Empire, is a small town southeast of San Diego that does its name justice. This small hamlet’s Spanish sobriquet can be loosely translated as “rest” or, more to the point, “rest from labor.”

This sleepy bucolic shire just east of Alpine and west of Pine Valley, is every nine-to-five worker ant’s dreamy oasis. The gold ring after a harried existence slaving away at that volcanic forge that is San Diego. The second you nestle into its boundaries, a weight is instantly slapped off your shoulders. Its caps and peaks, its natural wonder, its micro-climate worming its way into your body and rejuvenating your existence.

The 50-minute commute to San Diego, for most residents is a godsend. A way to truly put a barrier between themselves and the hurly burly lifestyle of big city reality.

Descanso’s year-round climate is one of its most enduring qualities. Its ocean moderated weather system is hard to beat, gifting its residents with many outdoor activities and natural amenities.

Meanwhile, Descanso, due in part to it’s natural vistas and panoramas, has acquired a fame spurned on by numerous magazines article. In 2011, Descanso was voted the second Best-Rested City in The U.S, while a year later, it garnered the laurels of America’s Most Playful City.


The best way to describe the weather in.. is with the usage of a non sequitur explanation. “The climate in is rather lighthearted.” The Mediterranean atmosphere of the whole San Diego area is one of the best and healthiest ecosystems in all of the United States. Summers are warm, yet dry while Winters are mild and stable. Precipitation occurs only in the months between November and March. Allergy season doesn’t even factor in. Recent data has discovered that this sort of atmosphere promotes a cell reproduction and can actually extend a person’s lifetime; humidity and temperature fluctuations being the bane of a healthy system.


Descanso’s many natural booty, its heavy coffers laid sprawled with the bounty of the land, has drawn in the crowds and seduced the overseas and domestic migrants. Its attractive suburbs, many green areas and its well-endowed art boutiques constantly manage to gift its residents with an endless array of recreational opportunities.

Hiking, biking, trail running and horse-back riding are frequent pastimes in the area.


Descanso is a small community that loves and appreciates its uniquely quaint and overly homely demeanor. It turns a cold shoulder on such big city fare as brand stores and big box monstrosities, and embraces the family owned and operated business. Small antique shops; cute fruit stands; General Stores named after families who have existed in the area for countless generations. Descanso’s charm comes from the fact that it is a town proud of its heritage.

  • Walker's Hat Shop - Descanso, CA - (619) 445-4033
  • Perkins Market - 24680 Viejas Blvd - (619) 445-2578
  • Raintree Market - 9300 Highway 79 - (619) 445-4537


Dining options in Descanso are limited. Most of its residents preferring to sit and share a family meal in the comfort of their homes, or at the neighbors backyard over a fiery barbecue. Nonetheless, Descanso’s two restaurants and bistros are rather well versed in the necessary arts. There stock fresh and meaty, their apple pies orgasmic in their taste.

  • Veronica’s Kitchen - 24680 Viejas Grade - (619) 445-3804
  • Descanso Junction Restaurant - 8306 Hwy 79 - (619) 659-2199


The 2010 Census indicated that Descanso’s population verges around 1.500. A density of 74 people per square mile. Caucasian whites being the prime racial component, with sprinklings of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Hispanics.


The area near Descanso was voted as number 3 of the Most Competitive Public College systems in the West Coast. It has a bevy of Public Schools and private institutions. All willing and able to bequeath your tike with the best educational experience available. Every teacher has, approximately, 20 students to his or her charge. Meanwhile, within Descanso’s borders you’ll discover a wonderful Elementary School.

  • Descanso Elementary School - Descanso, CA 91916.


Descanso’s local attractions swirl into the natural section of the points of interest catalogue. Lakes, mountain regions, Native American Reservations, groves and creeks. Descanso’s valleys and canyons are majestic sights to behold and their beauty is second to none.

  • Laguna Mountains.
  • Lake Cuyamaca.


Descanso is the perfect spot to find and nurture a good night’s rest. Its atmosphere, its local scenery and its peaceful citizens offer the weary worker the right doze of environment to rapidly defrock that day’s worries. Once you enter its paradise like valley and splendrous surroundings, you’ll discover yourself neck deep in a world unlike any you’ve ever experience before. Each minute, a constant reminder and affirmation that you’ve made the right choice by moving in.

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