📝 In this video we break down the San Diego FHA Streamline Refinance Home Loan needed supporting documents.   

📝 As a friendly reminder - this would pertain to anyone whom has an FHA mortgage now (or, might in the near future) and wants to lower your interest rate, drop your payments, and make it as simple as possible.

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📝 Ready to rock?

👉 Here's (most likely) all you will need:

✔️ Copy of your drivers license

✔️ Latest 2 months bank statements

✔️ Latest mortgage statement

✔️ Latest HOA statement (if applicable)

✔️ Cop of home owners insurance policy

👉 Here's how to get started:

✔️ Fill out my online loan application at: http://www.ScottsLoanApp.com

✔️ Once done, I will pull a mortgage only credit report, which simply verifies your credit score, and that you have made your mortgage payments only.

✔️ From you document wise will need a copy of your drivers license, latest bank statement, latest mortgage statement, and a copy of your home owners insurance information - that's usually it! 

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