San Diego’s Top 5 Luxury Home for Sale Markets 2023 | 2024

San Diego Top 5 Luxury Home for Sale Markets

Out-of-staters are always fixated by the price of Southern California real estate. We can’t blame them for the fascination; the price of a luxury home in Topeka is comparable to what you pay for  an ordinary house in San Diego. A typical three-bedroom house can cost over $800,000 in San Diego neighborhoods.

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The luxury homes in San Diego County are much, much higher. America’s Finest City does not have Hollywood A-list actors, but some successful people live here and earn stellar wages. They are people who can afford luxury homes and are looking for such property.

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Here's a quick rundown of our list:

These folks are not looking in the Alta Vista area, either. Buyers will investigate neighborhoods with properties of comparable value. There are neighborhoods in the metropolitan area where luxury homes are waiting to be bought by the right person. We will take a look at those areas and give you an idea of some enjoyable surroundings. The markets will be in alphabetical order.

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We are going to have fun doing this. You might not be able to afford a luxury house (at least not right now), but there is nothing wrong with some California dreaming. So, we ventured on to our site and checked out some luxury homes in San Diego. We will include the specs on one house per market. These properties and their sales price are as of this writing. 

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Keep These Things in Mind

You will be paying a lot for that beautiful home. We are not just talking about mortgage payments, but home insurance, real estate taxes, and general maintenance as well. Therefore, it is critical to get as much value as possible out of that house. Here are some suggestions real estate experts will share about making that enormous purchase.

  • Luxury homes are not always listed. The realtor knows more about what is available, so using an agent specializing in luxury homes is a plus.
  • Don’t just rely on photos. Photographers will touch up the photographs. A personal visit is worth the time and effort. More real estate agents are using drones to film properties, and a film that shows the interior, exterior, and aerial view of the property provides good information.
  • Get pre-approved. Buying that house is the most significant investment you will ever make and knowing how much a lending institution will give you will help in your property search. That pre-approval can also give you a head start on a competing buyer who has to find a lender to make the offer.
  • Title insurance. Be sure you have it. The exceptions page of the title insurance ought to be inspected and understood before the deal is finalized.
  • The amenities. A luxury home will come with attractions ordinary houses do not have. We are talking about theater rooms, exercise areas, wine cellars, outdoor kitchens, dressing rooms, advanced technology, and spa bathrooms. A first-time buyer can be dazzled by all the luxuries, but the buyer beware. What glitters will cost you a lot of gold!

You should decide ahead of time what amenities you need and will use. Everything else will pad the final price. You can expect the seller to emphasize the fabulous attractions but don’t let the hype fool you. For example, a theater room should not stop you from asking that the owner lower the selling price if the room holds no appeal for you.

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There are some other things to keep in mind as you check out the market.

  • Schools. Okay, everybody looks at those, but we are not just talking about elementary and high schools. Lifelong learning is essential in this day and age. You want easy access to a good college or university, where you can improve your skills.
  • Where is the entrance ramp? This probably won’t seal the deal, but the closer you are to an entrance ramp onto the freeway, the less stressful your work commute will be.
  • Entertainment. We are thinking of upscale entertainment and not the bar and grill type. 5-star restaurants are a great place to bring clients, and the same goes for a fashionable club. By the way, you might want to see if there are any top-level country clubs nearby.
    • The beach. San Diego has some of the best beaches in the United States. The view of the San Diego shoreline is breathtaking. If that luxury home you are considering allows you to look out over the ocean at sunrise or sunset, you are that much closer to heaven on earth.

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The Luxury Communities

We are going to look at the luxury home markets. Very successful people live in these communities, expecting the best of the houses they call home. The bottom price of these houses will be $5,000,000, and all costs and statistics quoted are as of this writing. 

1) Coronado

San Diego Luxury Home Markets - Coronado

Population: 23,639. Current Unemployment: 1.9%. Education: Bachelor’s Degree, 33%, Master’s Degree or Higher, 31%. Median Household Income: $108,967(173% of National Household Median Income). Average Home Price (Zillow) $2,270, 975

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Coronado is located on a sandy isthmus (tombolo) and is nicknamed “The Crown City.” The United States Navy is the largest employer, and the Hotel Del Coronado is a primary resort. Therefore, tourism is an essential part of the local economy.

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Coronado Luxury Home: 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Price: $7,999,000. The house has water frontage with a private boat dock for two 50ft. yachts. 2 attached garage spaces, Forced Air Heating, and Central Forced Air Cooling. The house was built in 1991. Property taxes for 2020 were $72,741, and Zillow estimates there is a monthly cost of $34,058. Rental value is $25,258 per month.

2) Del Mar

San Diego Luxury Home Markets - Del Mar

Population: 4,331. Current Unemployment: 1.9%. Education: Bachelor’s Degree, 37%; Master’s Degree or Higher: 39%. Median Household Income: $129,063 (205% of National Household Median Income) Average Home Price (Zillow) $3,021,074.

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Del Mar is a beach city where the Del Mar racetrack, Torrey Pines State Beach, and the San Diego County Fair are located. Most of the town is situated on bluffs above the ocean, and there is concern about rising sea levels and coastal erosion. Del Mar does have a Climate change adaption plan.

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Del Mar Luxury Home. 4 bedrooms and 3 baths. Price: $6.195,000. This house has an ocean view from many rooms. There are 2 attached garage spaces, Forced Air Heating and Central Air Cooling, and there is solar power in the home. The Chef’s kitchen has Bosch, Miele, Wolf, and Sub-Zero appliances. The property comes with a private lap pool and spa. The house was built in 1995. Property taxes for 2020 were $41,161, and Zillow estimates a monthly cost of $26,295. The rental value is $17,038 per month.

3) Encinitas

San Diego Luxury Home Markets - Encinitas

Population: 62,780. Current Unemployment: 2.5%. Education: Bachelor’s Degree,36%; Master’s Degree or Higher, 26%. Median Household Income: $116,022 (184% of the National Median Income). Average Home Price (Zillow) $1,552,820,

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Although the area has a history dating back to the eighteenth century, Encinitas was formally incorporated in 1986 by popular vote. The economy is best described as “beachy” with local salons, restaurants, bars, and art galleries. In addition, it is the home of the Encinitas Ballet and the San Dieguito Heritage Museum. Surfing is a popular sport.

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Encinitas Luxury Home. 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. Price: $6,850,000. It has an ocean view, and the house design is Century Modern Deco. Wood is the predominant building material, and the house has oak floors, custom milled Birch ceilings, and custom-designed Honduras Mahogany doors. There are 5 attached garage spaces, Forced Air Heating and Central Forced Air Cooling. The house was built in 1991. Property taxes for 2020 were $15,091, and Zillow estimates there is a monthly cost of $29,049. Rental value is $21,294 per month.

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4) La Jolla

San Diego Luxury Home Markets - La Jolla

Population: 32.486. Education: Bachelor’s Degree, 33%; Master’s Degree, 42%. Median Household Income: 140,204 (223% of the National Median Income). Average Home Price (Zillow) $2,072,790.

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La Jolla is a neighborhood of San Diego, and its unemployment figures are part of San Diego’s overall statistics. It is surrounded on three sides by beaches and ocean bluffs. Many academic and research institutions can be found here, including The University of California San Diego, Salk Institute, Scripps Research Institute, and National University’s headquarters. In addition, it is the home of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the La Jolla Music Society.

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La Jolla Luxury Home - 4 bedrooms and 6 baths. A 5th bedroom can be used as a home office. Price: $11,300,000. The house is located in La Jolla Farms. Formal Living and Dining Rooms, and there is a resort-style private pool and spa. The design is Modern European/Scandinavian with French Country accents. 6 attached garage spaces and Central Air cooling. The house was built in 1990. Property taxes in 2020 were $34,086, and Zillow estimates there is a monthly cost of $48,160. No monthly rental value was listed.

5) Rancho Santa Fe

San Diego Luxury Home Markets - Rancho Santa Fe

Population: 2,510. Education: Not Available. Unemployment: Not Available. Median Household Income: $137,083 (218% of the National Median Income) Average House Price (Zillow) $3,202,930.

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Rancho Santa Fe is a census-designated place (CDP) within San Diego County. It is predominately a residential community.

Rancho Santa Luxury Home. 11 bedrooms and 15 baths. Price: $19,900,000. The property is 8.13 acres and is walled and gated. It includes the Main house, Retreat with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, a 1-bedroom Tennis Cottage, and a Staff house with 2 bedrooms, a Media room, Chef’s kitchen and is next to the Ewing Preserve and the Rancho Santa Fe Riding Club. Construction material includes Carrara stone. There are 7 attached garage spaces, and Zoned Cooling. The house was built in 2001. Property taxes in 2020 were $108,232, and Zillow estimates there is a monthly cost of $84,814. Rental value is $61,164.

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The houses fit in one way or another to the conditions we mentioned earlier. It is no surprise that beach views raise the home price because San Diego has some of the best ocean views in the world. Other qualities such as parking space and the number of bedrooms and baths create property well worth millions.

They are More Than Homes

We can not stress enough that luxury houses are more than a residence. These little palaces are substantial investments and must be viewed as such. The resale value of the homes can be millions more than the original investment, depending on the market and how long the owner has possession.

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We mentioned the rental value, not because these houses can be regular income sources. An owner’s career may require that person to be sent overseas or across the country for a year or more. Renting the house can be a sensible way to hold the property longer rather than selling it. The final resale value can justify someone else living on the premises for a while.

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Anyone wanting to buy a luxury house needs to have a seasoned veteran as a real estate agent. That person is essential in negotiating a reasonable price and making sure you get the best possible all-around deal. Your relationship with the agent might last several months, and that is perfectly acceptable. It gives you the required time to map out a buying strategy that will save you millions upfront and generate millions in profit when you eventually sell the house.

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The San Diego real estate market has always been a great place to find the right house for you and your family. We do not think that a luxury house indicates decadence or evidence of an inflated ego. On the contrary, a luxury home is a sign that all the hard work you invested in your career paid off and that you earned the right to have a property that shows you are successful.

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Plan your buying efforts carefully and make sure that the money is there. The pre-approval letter will be indispensable in deciding how much house you can afford and the area where you will live. A high-quality real estate agent will be worth their weight in gold. We have one final suggestion you should take: enjoy the place once you own it! That makes everything you do worthwhile. 

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I would love to help assist you with your home purchase, home sale, or home loan - please feel free to give me a call, text, or use the form below. 

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