San Diego Home Loan Application in 15 Minutes (or Less) in 2021

In this video I break down how easy it is to apply online with me, in 15 minutes or less.

Here's the steps (and documentation needed):

✔️ Apply online at (You can use your smart phone, tablet, or computer - it's 100% safe, secure, and easy)

✔️ Once you initially fill out the application - log into your account - click on "Complete Mortgage Application" and make sure it's been 100% filled out and you see all green check marks

Click on "Upload Documents" and you can quickly upload all the needed supporting documents that pertain to you - but, here's the basics:

✔️ Copy of your drivers licenses (can be a smart phone screen shot)

✔️ Last 30 days paychecks (I bet your work emails your PDF pay stubs)

✔️ Last 2 months bank statements - all pages (Log in online and save last 2 months via PDF wherever you keep a checking or savings account.)

✔️ Latest 401(k), retirement, stocks, etc statement - all pages (Log in online and save the latest statement for each of these, wherever you have them, if applicable.)

✔️ Last 2 years tax returns and W2's - all pages (if you do not have - you can get free online at the irs website here)

Now we have your full and completed loan application, all your needed supporting documents, and I will run your credit.

We use your middle credit score, add up your minimum monthly debts, and see which loan products are best suited for your needs.

No more to it than that - and, can be done as quickly and easily once you fill out your fast and free application.

Of course, if you have not already, you can also easily set up your real estate search on my website (here) and start seeing which properties you would like to see.

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