📝 In this video I break down how easy it is to apply online with me, in 15 minutes or less.

📝 Here's the steps (and documentation needed):

✔️ Apply online at www.ScottsLoanApp.com (You can use your smart phone, tablet, or computer - it's 100% safe, secure, and easy)

✔️ Once you initially fill out the application - log into your account - click on "Complete Mortgage Application" and make sure it's been 100% filled out and you see all green check marks

✔️ Click on "Upload Documents" and you can quickly upload all the needed supporting documents that pertain to you - but, here's the basics: 

✔️ Copy of your drivers licenses (can be a smart phone screen shot)

✔️ Last 30 days paychecks (I bet your work emails your PDF pay stubs)

✔️ Last 2 months bank statements - all pages (Log in online and save last 2 months via PDF wherever you keep a checking or savings account.)

✔️ Latest 401(k), retirement, stocks, etc statement - all pages (Log in online and save the latest statement for each of these, wherever you have them, if applicable.)

✔️ Last 2 years tax returns and W2's - all pages (if you do not have - you can get free online at the irs website here)

📝 Now we have your full and completed loan application, all your needed supporting documents, and I will run your credit. 

📝 We use your middle credit score, add up your minimum monthly debts, and see which loan products are best suited for your needs. 

📝 No more to it than that - and, can be done as quickly and easily once you fill out your fast and free application. 

📝 Of course, if you have not already, you can also easily set up your real estate search on my website (here) and start seeing which properties you would like to see. 

📝 Leave any comments or questions below you might have. 

📝 Or feel free to shoot me a text/call to (760) 297-4539

Your Quick Loan App Insider,


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