📌 In this video I reveal some secrets of the 3% down Conventional Mortgage Loan in San Diego you might not be aware of.

📝 This mortgage loan is great for anyone that wants to put down as little as 3%, get a loan amount up to $510,400 (or a $525,000 +/- sales price), or put down as little at 5%, and get a loan up to $701,500 (or a $738,000 +/- sales price) and take advantage of record low interest rates.

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🕵️ Without further ado - let's jump into some great secrets about the conventional loan...

➡️ Secret #1 - You Can Combine With My Down Payment Assistance Program

📝 The great thing about the Conventional Loan - is that if you *do not* have a down payment yourself - you can either get a gift from: parents or another relative, an employer, an approved charity group, or a government home buyer program.

My #1 down payment assistance program will cover your 3% down payment, up to a $525,000 +/- sales price so, that limits your cash out of pocket.

➡️ Secret #2 - Unlike USDA, FHA, and VA - You are *Not* Limited On Town home/condo Purchases

📝 If you are buying a townhome/condo in San Diego - and you use a USDA, FHA, or VA Loan - these need to be on their own specific lists of being approved.

📝 The great news for the Conventional Loan, when buying a townhome/condo - you can buy wherever you want - no lists needed.

➡️ Secret #3 - You Can Buy Up To a $738,000 Sales Price

📝 The loan limits in San Diego have increased several times over the last many years - and now, they are higher than ever which is great news if you have a limited down payment.

📝 You can put down 3% up to a $525,000 sales price.

📝 And, you can put down 5% from the $525,000 sales price up to around $738,000.

➡️ Secret #4 - You Can Have a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy on Your Credit

📝 You can still buy even if you have had credit issues in the past. It's 7 years for a foreclosure, 4 years for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and for a short sale it's as little as 2 years.

➡️ Secret #5 - You Don't Need Money For Closing Costs

📝 If you are spending every last dime for the down payment, and have nothing left for closing costs, don't worry. We can ask the seller to pay those, use a lender rebate (video explains), or a combination of them both.

👉 Here's your steps to begin:

✔️ Fill out my online application in 10 minutes or less at www.scottsloanapp.com

✔️ Once complete, log back in, finish application, and upload your needed documents (Drivers license, last 30 days paychecks, last 2 months bank statements, latest stocks/bonds/mutual funds/etc statements, last 2 years taxes and W2's)

✔️ I will be alerted, check everything over, run your credit, review, and contact you about best scenario.

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5 San Diego Conventional Loan Secrets Revealed!