Revealed: 5 San Diego Down Payment Program Secrets for 2021

(Please note: This video was created prior to 2021 - but, these numbers below have been updated after the video and for new loan amounts for 2021)

In this video I lay out 5 little known secrets for my down payment assistance program - that has been updated - and, made better than ever.

And, it potentially works for anyone looking to buy in San Diego with a loan amount of $753,250 or less, that makes a great income, has decent credit, yet doesn't have the money for a down payment.

Please keep in mind these details are accurate as of July 2020 (the date of the video you are watching) and will be updated every 2 months or so - or, when needed.

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Here's the 5 secrets:

Secret #1 – You do *not* need to be a first time home buyer. A first time home buyer is has never owned a primary residence and/or not in the last 3 years. No worries with this program - doesn't matter.

Secret #2 – You can make an *unlimited* amount of income. You can make $20K, $100K, $500K a month, it does not matter. 

Secret #3 – You do *not* need to have perfect credit. And, no one does by the way. But, certainly not with this. And, don't rely on Credit Karma for your scores! They are NOT the ones I use.

Secret #4 – It’s not property, address or zip code specific. Those programs are a nightmare. As long as you live in San Diego, that's all that matters.

Secret #5 – This is *not* limited to those with little income, low income, or specific government programs. You don't need to be on Section 8 or any kind of "special list". This is for regular people, with full time jobs, and decent credit.

Bonus! Secret #6 – You do *not* need to provide any additional paperwork for a down payment assistance loan versus non. All you need to start is: copy of drivers license, last 30 days paychecks, 2 latest months of your bank statements, last 2 years taxes and W2.

Here's your steps to begin:

Fill out my online application in 10 minutes or less at

Once complete, log back in, finish application, and upload your needed documents

I will be alerted, check everything over, run your credit, review, and contact you about best scenario.

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5 San Diego Down Payment Assistance Secrets Revealed!


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