San Diego is a thriving city filled with plenty of different industries. Many of these industries are constantly growing, meaning that there are quite a few job openings available. Whether you already live in the San Diego area and want to change career fields, are looking for a better position, or you wish to move to the city, but need a job first, here are some of the best options.

Here's a quick rundown of our list:

Job 1 - Mechanical Engineers

According to a recent report compiled by the San Diego Workforce Partnership, mechanical engineers are in high demand in the city. Most of the open jobs in this field require a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, as well as some experience, either as a college intern or at an entry level. Mechanical engineers do many things, ranging from working with blueprints to ensure that the machines are put together properly to examining them for damage and developing the best way to repair them.  

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Job 2 - Biomedical Design and Manufacturing

Another large industry in San Diego involves the invention, design, and manufacturing of biomedical products. These products include everything from equipment used to monitor and diagnose health conditions to pharmaceutical implants, such as the ones that monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. The statistics regarding this growing field in the San Diego area are astounding. Between 2008 and 2010, the field grew by 21%. Those numbers encompass many of the different jobs in the field, including overall engineering and design of the products to the manufacturing of them. Due to the range of jobs, there are plenty for people with different skill levels and specialties.

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Job 3 - Clean Technology

Clean technology involves developing products, designing services, and coming up with processes that are environmentally friendly. In some cases, this clean technology takes an existing process, such as a manufacturing assembly line, and finds a way to make it environmentally friendly or minimize its impact. Clean technology is a growing field in San Diego. It saw 9% growth between the years of 2008 and 2010 and encompasses two of the other jobs on this list – electrical and mechanical engineers. In fact, there are many other career options within this field as well, as it’s in dire need of people in support positions.

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Job 4 - Electrical Engineers

Speaking of electrical engineers, this is a popular career option in the area. Not only does the University of San Diego offer a degree in the field, but there are plenty of jobs for people who know their way around a computer and its programming. Electrical engineering is also at the top of the list compiled by the San Diego Workforce Partnership. As more and more work is done online or with the assistance of computers and their related programming, the need for people in this field continues to grow. San Diego is now one of the hotbeds of engineering, as the industry makes clear.

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Job 5 - Tourism and Hospitality

San Diego is not only a great place to live, but it’s also a very interesting place to visit. There are plenty of places to stay and things to do, so there’s a reason why tourism and hospitality top the list of jobs in the area. These career fields are among the top 13, and although they didn’t show much growth in between the years mentioned in the study (2008 to 2010), they held steady. When it comes to finding jobs in this field, people have their choice of working for the San Diego Tourism Authority, or for one of the many businesses that interact directly with tourists.

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Job 6 - Medical Jobs

The medical field is thriving. This goes beyond the biomedical field described above and into the realm of health care workers who help patients every single day. Some career options here include medical assistants, physical therapy assistants, dental hygienists, and more. Many of these fields require at least a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, while others just need people with a more specific and short-term medical degree, such as one in coding or transcription. On top of this, medical sales is another huge segment of the industry in the San Diego area. 

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Job 7 - Manufacturing

It makes sense that since engineers (in all of their various subfields) are in demand that there would be a large need for manufacturing workers as well. Depending on the type of manufacturing, potential workers either need to have held an apprenticeship, have some other sort of on-the-job training, or hold an associate’s degree. Many of the manufacturing jobs are incredibly specialized since San Diego is the home of numerous aeronautics, maritime, and other technological firms. The official term for this type of manufacturing is advanced precision manufacturing based on the tools that are used to create the machinery, parts, and other items.

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Job 8 - Construction

Construction is another large field in the San Diego area. There’s a large need for standard construction workers (especially those who can handle iron and rebar), as well as people to oversee those construction projects. For those looking to get into the former, you need to have some on the job experience and high school diploma. However, if you’re thinking of going into construction management, then a business degree of some sort is necessary. San Diego is definitely in a bit of a construction “boom” period, as there are a lot of different structures going up, as well as projects planned for the future.

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Job 9 - Communication

The field of communication is a bit tricky. While newspapers, magazines, and traditional print media are slowly disappearing, there’s an increased need for people who know how to write for the internet. This includes things like standard blog posts, SEO content, web copy, and social media. Plus, there are plenty of corporate communication jobs, which entail writing documents, memos, newsletters, and other forms of inter-office communication. Those wishing to get a job in this particular field need some experience, as well as a bachelor’s degree in either communications, journalism, or English.

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