6 Reasons Why Spring Valley San Diego is a Great Place to Live in 2023 | 2024

People will get confused when an area is referred to as a census-designated place or CDP. A CDP is used for gathering and correlating data. The Census Bureau requires that the name given to a CDP is recognized and used in daily communication by community residents. There are several of these in the San Diego County area, and they are often excellent places to live. Spring Valley is one of them.

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Spring Valley is named for, you guessed it, a natural spring found in the area. The CDP is in the East County region. It has several neighborhoods, and Spring Valley is one of the best places to raise a family in San Diego. It is perhaps a little bit off the beaten track for those looking for a house to buy. That is not always bad because when you go where the crowd is not gathering, you might find a place with everything you want at a reasonable price. We are taking this opportunity to introduce you to this community in San Diego County. All data in this article are current as of this writing.

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Checking Out Spring Valley

Spring Valley has a population of approximately 32,922 residents. The working members of the community are predominantly in white-collar jobs, and roughly two-thirds of them work for private companies. Family households predominate with 75%, and children are in 40% of those households. The Average Household Income is $97,337.

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Houses are a little older than in other San Diego County neighborhoods. Most homes were built before 1980, and the median year in which the properties were built is 1984. Housing units are owned by approximately 61% of the occupants. Unlike other San Diego communities, the number of people who have at least some college is only 67%, and 16% of the population have baccalaureate degrees. The largest employers in Spring Valley are Verizon, Target, UPS, Con Edison, Orange, and Rockland.

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The data suggests that this is primarily a middle-class community. Most housing units have mortgages, and the properties are old by San Diego standards. There is nothing wrong with that, but older homes require a little more maintenance.

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You need to remember that Spring Valley is not one of the preppy neighborhoods in San Diego County. The Median Age is 42, and everything suggests that this is a family-oriented place to live. So, naturally, most of the attractions will be for those who have children. If you have a family that includes children, there are some excellent reasons you want to consider Spring Valley as a place to call home.

Here's a quick rundown of our list:

Reason 1 - There is a Great Feeling of Community 

Niche.com has polled the residents, and approximately 75% of those surveyed mentioned that there is a good sense of community in this area. It receives good marks for both ethnic and economic diversity. People think of this as a very good or excellent place to live, which is reflected in comments made by people who have lived there for a while.

My overall experience with Spring Valley has been wonderful. I have lived in Spring Valley for six years I have found the atmosphere around the area to be very peaceful.

Very diverse and with all these new developments in retail stores being built that means many job opportunities.

What I like about Spring Valley is that I get to see a beautiful reservoir and mountain every day from my porch and back yard.

Some places in Spring Valley have an amazing view of the East County region of San Diego.

I love it because I have all my friends in this community. I have beautiful memories growing up.

Growing up in a neighborhood being surrounded by small, local businesses is great because you almost feel like everyone is family. Everyone is Spring Valley shares a love of where they come from.

These comments tell you that residents enjoy the place where they live. It is nowhere near as frantic as some other parts of the San Diego area.

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Reason 2 - Check out the Schools! 

Parents are most concerned about their children’s education, and Spring Valley gets a B+ from Niche.com for the public schools that service this area. Helix Charter High School, Grossmont Middle College High School, Steel Canyon High School, and Murdock Elementary School are the best public schools.

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In addition, there are some excellent private schools for Spring Valley students. These provide an academically challenging environment that helps young people grow. The following have received A+ ratings from Niche.com: Francis Parker School, St. Augustine High School, Academy of Our Lady of Peace, Oceanview Christian Academy, and the Waldorf School of San Diego.

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Reason 3 - Everything is Close By 

We do not know anybody who enjoys being stuck in a traffic jam. It is sad, but rush hour is sometimes a drive through hell. The nice thing about Spring Valley is that you do not have to go far to get where you want to go.

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It takes approximately 26 minutes to reach downtown San Diego from Spring Valley. Let’s pause a moment and consider that. It will not be a 90-minute crawl to get to work. The reason for more accessible transportation is the number of state highways crisscrossing the Spring Valley area. State Highway 54 goes through the CDP. State Highway 94 is located on the northern edge of Spring Valley, and state Highway 125 is on the western side.

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We do admit that it is a bright idea to hit the road as soon as possible in the San Diego area, but once you are on the highway, it is much easier and less aggravating.

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Reason 4 - The View Is Awesome 

One of the comments above hinted at what you can expect to see in Spring Valley. The mountain is 2000 feet tall, and a lake is at its base. So, you get the opportunity to see something like this every day.

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This is not a flat country, and it has a lot of scenic elevations and hills. San Diego County has impressive natural beauty, and Spring Valley is one of the places where you can appreciate the environmental bounty. Some of the incredible scenery is not far away in the Sweetwater Summit Regional Park. The park is located nearby Bonita and has 500 acres. That land is crisscrossed with about 15 miles of trails that go here in there, up the hill and down, and through open grassland and streamside.

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The parks are great in Spring Valley. You have several to choose from, and Eucalyptus County Park and Hatfield Park are two of the best.

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Reason 5 - Some Amazing History 

We all know about the Hispanic influence on San Diego County, but not everybody knows that the Japanese settled in this area. The Japanese American Historical Society is worth paying a visit. You can learn about these people’s contributions to the San Diego community.

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You will be checking out houses, and some places are nice to visit. The Bancroft Rock House was constructed over 125 years ago, and the Bancroft Ranch House Museum is a historic adobe house that tells a lot about the local and regional history of Spring Valley. Electric guitars were not the source of music back in the early days. You get a better idea of the sounds people love to hear by visiting Deering Banjo, also known as the Great American Banjo Company. Be sure to reserve a tour ahead of time.

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There is one more thing about Spring Valley. Folks today are genuinely concerned about crime and safety. They want to be able to raise their children in an atmosphere of security. Niche .com notes that crime figures in this little community are a minor worry.

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Reason 6 - The Houses Are Affordable 

You want to be able to afford the house you are going to live in. Mortgage payments are considerable in San Diego County and living in an affordable home reduces personal stress. Spring Valley is a place where a middle-class person can find a home.

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The Median Sales Price is $760,000. That is not bad for Southern California at all. The Median Days on the Market for a home here is 10 days, and the most desirable places are pending in around 6 days. Redfin.com rates the Spring Valley housing market as Very Competitive.

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Making the Decision

We live in a very metropolitan county, and urban neighborhoods are the norm and not the exception. That means there is a lot from which to choose. A first-time homebuyer is going from a renter to an owner. That is a huge decision in anyone’s life. You want to make the best choice.

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We admit that Spring Valley is a family-oriented place. However, it does not mean that a single person or a couple cannot find a wonderful house in this community. Spring Valley is very much a residential area, but it is not far from La Mesa or El Cajon. Therefore, you can go to either suburb if you want nightlife activities.

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A factor that can influence your decision is the commute. It is no secret that there are days when San Diego seems like one big traffic jam. The ability to move quickly to the workplace or a shopping center is important. We mentioned the highways that are close by in Spring Valley. The possibility of getting where you need to go under 30 minutes is inviting. If you check the neighborhood a little closer, you might discover that you are not far from the amenities you enjoy in life. In addition, you have the fantastic scenery that Sun Valley provides.

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It Comes down to the Dollars

We have been lucky to have incredibly low mortgage interest rates for the last couple of years. The cost of living has not skyrocketed, either. However, we are now facing a little bit more challenging time. Inflation is here and is going to be an unwelcome guest for some time to come. A San Diego mortgage is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even an increase of a fraction of a percent will result in high mortgage payments.

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You might be well-informed on finances and especially mortgages. Unfortunately, many homebuyers are not, including those who have purchased a house in the past. There are numerous programs besides FHA loans, but which one is best for you? Conventional loans from a lending institution are available, but what about the interest rates? The twists and turns humans make to find the best mortgage justify working with a professional to find the right financing deal.

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We are the professional you need.

We are not your ordinary real estate agent. We have one more credential that sets us apart from the rest. We are certified mortgage loan originator. That designation tells you we are well-versed in the mortgage business, particularly regarding mortgage packages in San Diego County.

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We can look at what your financing needs are and determine the best strategy to follow. You may discover that you qualify for a mortgage loan program you knew nothing about beforehand. We are also familiar with the lending institutions in the neighborhood. You can count on us to find the best interest rate for you. Speaking again of those mortgage programs, we will help you successfully apply for them.

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The art of the deal best describes the real estate industry. The list price of a house does not have to be the closing price you pay. There is a give and take to buying a home where one side gives, the other takes, and vice versa. It means that if you have an excellent negotiator working with you, you can reduce your house’s final cost, which impacts your future mortgage payments.

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It does not matter if it is a multimillion-dollar home or a modest little place; we are serious and experienced negotiators. We can fetch a reasonable price for you and make the closing a delight.

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We propose you contact us at your earliest convenience, and let’s sit down and discuss your future house-hunting adventure. You will be pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you and how we can make everything a lot simpler. We believe it is worth your while and the only cost to you is some of your time. We think we can help you find the right place.

I would love to help assist you with your home purchase, home sale, or home loan - please feel free to give me a call, text, or use the form below. 

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