5 Reasons Why Del Cerro San Diego Is a Great Place to Live in 2019

Del Cerro, located on the eastern side of San Diego is considered highly rated to live, especially if you are raising a family. The name means “of the hill” and the area is a hilly neighborhood of wealthy homes for around 5,600 residents. It is a relatively modern community, compared with more historical areas in the area, with most development occurring in the 1950s through the 1970s.

Most of the single-story homes from the original development remain in the community. Those are on the flat side of area, south of the hill. However, now the community also has lots of homes in other parts of the community. The community has many second-generation residents and is also drawing young professionals and families.

The suburb of Del Cerro is near the San Diego State University as well as other areas like Allied Gardens, Grantville and La Mesa. It is near Interstate 8, so access to San Diego and other communities is an easy task.

The median home price in Del Cerro is $527,186 on some listings but $703,000 on other listings. The values of homes in this area go up to the average of 4 percent some years. The median income is $89,060. There is great employment there with only a 4.9 percent unemployment rate. There are five main reasons people like to call Del Cerro home.

Besides single-family homes, there are also apartments for rent in Del Cerro. So, those who want to try out the area before settling down have the opportunity to do so.

There isn't a lot of diversity with almost 73 percent of the population being white. Around 15 percent of the population is Hispanic and there are smaller numbers of black and Asian demographic groups. Statistics state that 51.3 percent of the population is married and 73 percent own their homes. The majority of citizens in Del Cerro, around 37.3 percent are under 35 years old. Another 36.8 percent are between the ages of 35 and 64 years old.

More than half have at least a bachelor's degree and just over half vote Democratic in presidential elections.

Here's a quick rundown of our list:

Reason 1 - Low Crime

5 Reasons Why Del Cerro San Diego Is a Great Place to Live in 2019

The area scores a 9.5 out of 10 rating for safety. Del Cerro averages around 45 crime incidents a month with the majority of those being vehicle theft or break ins. Around eight incidents involving drugs or alcohol occur on average and the rest are things like vandalism, larceny, and fraud. There were only three assault reports.

Reason 2 - Good Schools

5 Reasons Why Del Cerro San Diego Is a Great Place to Live in 2019

In terms of schools, La Mesa and San Carlos are included with Del Cerro in its school rankings. All of the local schools are ranked highly with Hearst and Marvin Elementary Schools earning a coveted 10 rating over other schools in San Diego. Other schools rank eight or nine. Test scores for Del Cerro students rank higher than the average scores for both the state and nationally.

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Reason 3 - Things to Do

5 Reasons Why Del Cerro San Diego Is a Great Place to Live in 2019

One of the reasons people like to live in Del Cerro is that there are plenty of things to do both in the community and in the expanded area. It is close to Interstates 8 and 15, giving residents access to the entire area. Some walk to the university to get on a trolly to go downtown or other areas.

Most families like Princess Del Cerro Park for their children to play. It has all the standard, newer playground equipment and is also the site for annual events like the winter wonderland event, an egg hunt and a pumpkin patch.

There is also the Lake Murray Reservoir, which is a landmark popular with joggers, cyclists and walkers. It is also a great spot for anglers to fish from the shore also.

The community is close to Navajo Canyon, where there are a lot of walking trails to explore. Other things in the immediate area are KnB Wine Cellars, and Adobe Falls.

The USS Midway Museum is one of America's longest-serving aircraft carriers and now it is filled with World War II history. It has 25 restored aircraft and contains two flight simulators, along with 60 exhibits. It is an educational experience for those interested in war history or to teach children about the Greatest Generation.

Seaport Village isn't far and located near the Gaslamp area and convention center. You can boat or people watch or enjoy the nightlight with its music and interesting restaurants.

Other places that are easily accessible to this community are Torrey Pines State Reserve where you can hike and enjoy nature. There is also Mission Beach and Balboa Park, which is touted as one of the country's largest public parks. It has museums, ball fields, tennis courts, picnic and grilling areas and lots of walking and hiking trails.

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Reason 4 - Great Views

5 Reasons Why Del Cerro San Diego Is a Great Place to Live in 2019

Many of Del Cerro's homes are on hillsides, making for some awesome scenic views. The community is quite and offers a quaint community flair.

Reason 5 - Lots of Jobs

5 Reasons Why Del Cerro San Diego Is a Great Place to Live in 2019

There are plenty of jobs in Del Cerro, although many of those in the immediate community are starter jobs. That is perfect for those with teenagers or college students at home. Jobs in Del Cerro include restaurant cook, server and bartender jobs, movie theater jobs. There are also lots of teaching job available in the local schools. Others travel to downtown or other areas to work.

The entire area has a really low unemployment rate, ranging from 3 percent to 4.9 percent throughout the area. There is a strong economy, so most people feel comfortable moving to the area and living here on a long-term basis.

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