5 Reasons Ranchita San Diego is a Great Place to Live in 2021

Ranchita is an unincorporated town in San Diego, approximately 9- miles from Borrego Springs. With notable features such as a fiberglass Yeti statue, the Ranchita Yeti, that stands 11-foot tall along Montezuma Road, you can hardly ignore this small town. The statue was erected by a local real estate broker, John Rauh, with the intent of attracting investors. However, it did not meet the intended objective. Instead, it is one of the attractions that draw tourists into Ranchita.

Ranchita’s history dates back in time, affecting every portion of the land, including the hiking site. The Jasper Trail derived its name from a Ranchita cattleman Ralph Jasper owner of over 5500 acres in Montezuma Valley, Grapevine Canyon, and Yaqui Well. The area forms part of Anza-Borrego State Park today. 

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Ralph developed the Stuart and Angelina Springs as watering holes for his cattle. His father, James Jasper, stumbled upon the route as he fetched wild grapes near the springs and the canyon. Ralph, on the other hand, used the footpath to move his livestock from his ranch in Ranchita the Anza Borrego in winter, where it was warmer.

Here is our list of reasons:

Reason 1: Hiking

Ranchita offers great hiking distance for nature lovers, which starts at the San Ysidro Mountains descending a 12- mile radius into the famous Jasper Trail. It then joins the Grapevine Canyon winding up at the intersect of Great Canyon Road and the SR-78 at Yaqui Flat. Here, the Sentenac Canyon unfolds into the desert. 

The hike begins as a relatively flat land that was rendered destitute by the famous Ranchita Fire in 2013. Due to this, only a few patches of wildflowers offer vegetation cover in the large opening, although phacelia covert the found from time to time. Occasionally, you may be lucky to find tall mounds of sunflowers and pale lavenders whose arrangement resembles a curled caterpillar. 

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The California Riding and Hiking Trails south of the Jasper Trail offers a diversion from daily routine in the town. You may choose to continue on this single path, which is an opportunity to get a brush of the scrub oaks and the California juniper that was used as a herbal remedy by native Americans. While still on this trail, the Old Culp Valley Road reconnects you to the Jasper Trail before joining riding and hiking trail again. 

Approximately 3.5-miles from this loop, you will again join the Jasper Trail meandering up and down a rugged dirt road into Grapevine Canyon 5- miles in. The canyon is a sandy trail between the San Felipe Hills and Grapevine Hills. It earned its name from the wild grapes that grew along the canyon floor.

Other landmarks along the trail are the Jasper springs- Stuart and Angelina, agave, yucca, barrel cactus, teddy-bear cholla, and the desert wildflowers during spring. The climbs and the dips attributable to the trail add to the difficulty experienced during the hike. Motorists, bikers, and leashed pets are, however, permitted, making the experience more enjoyable and manageable.

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Reason 2: Motorcycling

Ranchita, as part of the famous San Diego city, offers a lot as tourist attractions making it a beautiful destination. With a relatively warm climate during the year, you can take part in nearly every fun activity you imagine. After all, San Diego is one of America’s happiest cities. 

The town of Ranchita is a spectacular place for sightseeing for willing travelers, most of which can be appreciated on a motorcycle ride. The Montezuma Valley Road in Rachita is one of the best cycling routes in San Diego. Beginning in town, it offers an excellent stretch for cover ending at Borrego Springs. Despite the short distance, the scenery and the tourist attractions generously spread throughout the ride are a great trade-off. 

The ride will take you through both the wilderness and the desert in equal measure with an unexpected detour along with the oceanside home to some gorgeous beaches. The trips can be taken using your bikes as well, as rentals form the local store- Riders Share.

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Reason 3: Camping

Every parent seeks to keep their children occupied during the school breaks with fun and exciting activities. Ranchita might be the help you need as it offers great summer camps customized to fit the different ages. 

The camping activities range from art workshops to adventure treks.

Whether you seek to trigger creativity amongst your children or desire growth in their personality, you can rest assured these needs will be addressed. A combination of workshops, music classes, and intriguing campfires interactions are incorporated into the itinerary. 

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Reason 4: Entertainment

Ranchita has a lot to offer as entertainment for the nights. With famous bars such as the Club Tropics and Cottonwood Area Boulder Field Parking, the town comes to life, offering a pleasant atmosphere to end the day. The music played is a great invite to dance your worries away with the subtle interior allowing for those lost in thought to sip their drinks at their pleasure. The clubs offer a great combination of traditional foods and music and modern games to cater to the tastes and preferences of their guests. 

The restaurants and cafes that serve the town offer large spaces for random and intimate meals with family and friends. There are also facilities to hold special occasions and celebrations such as weddings and birthdays with exquisite catering services available inhouse.

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Reason 5: Great Weather

Ranchita has one of the best weather patterns in San Diego with temperatures ranging between 85' in summer and 33' in winter. It offers an average of 263 days with approximately 48 days of possible rain, snow or hail falls per year. The average precipitation it receives is 26 inches of rainfall and snowfall of about 25 inches every year. January tends to be the coldest month will the sun is at its hottest in July.

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