5 Reasons Pine Valley San Diego is a Great Place to Live in 2021

Pine Valley is a remote district in the southern part of San Diego County, with an estimated population of 1,878. It has been home to several gold mines since the early 1900's with others coming up in the recent years with deposits comprising of either native gold or sulfides. The primary mines are Descanso, Free Coinage, Gold Standard, Good Luck, and Oak Canyon mines.

Pine Valley is about 3,736 feet above sea level bordering Interstate 8 to the south, the Laguna Summit, and the Sunrise Highway to the east. It earned its name from the unique strands of the Jeffrey Pine, an indigenous species found along Pine Valley Creek. The town’s low population, warm-summer Mediterranean climate, and a somewhat rural vibe have profoundly contributed to its continued population growth with every resident owning their home.

Here is our list of reasons::

Reason 1: Golfing

Pine Valley Golf Course ranks amongst the top in the best golf courses in the world. The 18-holes course has gained its popularity due to the design of the course and the standard of the facilities that enhance the thrill of the sport.

Pine Valley Country Club runs a junior’s program whose purpose is to teach children of the club members about the sport adequately. The certification, however, targets genuinely interested children as they seek to increase their proficiency at golf. The process is very vigorous and demanding; thus, those joining should be quick studies and keep up with their predecessors.

Certification is only awarded once the individual excels in the written test, etiquette, and game basics, which are administered by a member of the Professional Golf Staff. There is also training offered for members upon request.

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Reason 2: Hiking

Pine Valleys has 17 hiking trails within its borders namely the; Big Laguna, Noble Canyon, Sunset, Agua Dulce Road, Wooden Hill Nature, Chico Spur, Gatos Spur, Secret Canyon, Water of the Woods, Redtail Roost Loop, Kemp Spur, Escondido, Escondido Ravine Road, Old Country Road, Bear Valley, Desert View Nature and Kemp Spur Trails. Despite their different levels of challenge in comparison to each other, they all present a fantastic workout for hiking enthusiasts.

The Big Laguna Trail, for example, starts as a mixture of chaparrals and trees which open into the Filaret Flat Spur and the Sunset Trail. The road borders an alpine field and the Big Laguna with El Prado Spur located at the end of the lake on the left and the Big Laguna Trail Alternate on your right.

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The trail continues eastward, offering a steady pace of elevation through a beautiful divide of tree-covered hills and vast openness. However, after passing the Kemp Spur and the Escondido Spur on the left, the road starts descending.

This portion of the trail has a thicker tree cover crossing the Sunset Highway to join the Pacific Crest Trail half a mile away. Trees become shorter and spread out, giving you a spectacular view of the pure desert at a distance.

The Noble Canyon is a steady descent of the several hills for the first three- miles with the sun radiating its warmth on your skin. Once you cross the Pine Creek Road, you enter in to apportion of tall, ancient Oak trees which offer great shade and fields of grass which are generally rocky and jagged. Six miles in, you gain some height above the stream where the land is drier with broader views. The Noble Canyon Spur lies a few miles later. Besides the nature trails, hiking can also be experienced on Cuyapaipe Mountain and the Kwaaymii Point- Pacific Crest Trail.

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Reason 3: Camping

Pine Valley is never short of amazing locations and recreational activities for nature enthusiasts. Hidden away in the Dixie National Forest is the picturesque Pine Valley Recreation Area which is surrounded by the Pine Valley Mountains. The campground has 7 main campsites each with a unique appeal, although generally similar in the facilities provided.

These campsites are spread out in the campground tailored to meet the needs of the different visitors- family, group, and day-use areas. The facilities have been planned to accommodate a variety of choices on how to take in what nature has to offer. Whether it is a hike, site exploration from a horse-back, or simple morning fishing, Pine Valley will meet that need.

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Ebenezer Bryce Campground, previously known as the Blue Springs Loop, is one such campsite that offers great views of the Pine Valley Mountains. The Equestrian Campground is a perfect site for horse lovers. Whatever your riding needs, the shady grounds are an excellent hiking spot with alternative fishing at Santa River and Pine Valley Reservoir.

Effie Beckstrom Group Campground is situated at the center of the trail, a perfect spot for hiking, chilling with friends and some cooking out. The Mitt Moody Campground is an isolated site in the Dixie National Forest overlooking a stream and distance hills. From this site, the Pine Valley Canal Trail and the Santa Clara River are easily accessible. The rest of the campsites are the Yellow Pine Loop, Crack foot and Dean Gardner Campgrounds.

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Reason 4: Security

Pine Valley can be referred to as a safe town for residence following its low crime rates against the national crime rate. The risk of crime, whether property crime or violent crimes, Pine Valley appears to have a significantly lesser likelihood of occurrence. The town is, therefore, a beautiful place to call home.

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Reason 5: Grab-a-Bite

You would think the number of available hangout spots in Pine Valley is proportionate to its small size. Nothing would be further from the truth. Several restaurants and bars continuously meet the needs of the locals and tourists alike every day adding to the fun experience of the people. With food paying essential attention to their nature of work and quality assurance.

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