3 Reasons You Should Hire Me As Your San Diego Mortgage Loan Officer in 2024 | 2025

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Hey, what’s going on?

It’s Scott Taylor, with sandiegorealestatehunter.com.

Licensed to the state of California, for both real estate and mortgages, with the emphasis on San Diego.

Now, with a lot of choices to represent you on your next home purchase or refinance in San Diego, I wanted to lay out three great reasons why you should choose me as your loan officer.

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Number (1), access to all types of programs.

So, I have the access to everything that's available in the state of California.

I have access to down payment assistance and closing cost assistance and first time home buyer programs and the M.C.C. tax credits.

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I have access to conventional and F.H.A. and V.A. and conforming and the home ready and the home possible and the F.H.A. two or three K.

I have access to all these different types of programs.

Probably programs that you have never heard about, probably programs that most loan officers have never heard about.

You know why?


Number (2), I am not retail, I am wholesale. 

Here's how this works.

You are the buyer or the borrower, I am a loan officer, I work for a mortgage broker and we are signed up with different wholesale lenders in the state of California.

We’re signed up with a lot.

If you walk into one bank, you deal with just that bank’s loan products or a credit union and you walk in and say, “Hey, how about this program?” and they say.

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It doesn't exist.

That's not true, they don't have it.

It means, it exists, they just don't have it.

So, when you or someone like me, I can shop all those little programs that I just talked about, with all these different lenders.

Guess what?

There's some that specialize in down payment assistance stuff, there's some that specialize in just F.H.A. or F.H.A High balance or Piggybacked loans or help me buy ten percent down job jumbo or five percent down Piggyback.

And then, guess what?

A lot of these different wholesale lenders of course, are fighting for the business.

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So, sometimes they're going to run specials on, maybe interest rate specials or what's called lender/ credit specials or maybe they have special programs that you can go [double two only] or bank statements only or if you're self-employed, there's special self-employed loans available, that maybe you don’t even know existed because you only walked into one bank or one credit union.

Guess what?

Take it to me and let me shop that for you. 

Number (3), deal structure.

If you have seen any of my other videos, especially about representing you as the buyer's agent, I talk about deal structure, because deal structure is so important.

I understand this, I started real estate investing with no money and I said, “Okay, how can I buy a property with no money, knowing there might be a down payment, knowing there might be closing costs?

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How do we structure that stuff correctly?”

I understand what you're trying to do, maybe you're trying to get in with as little money as possible, maybe you’re trying to restructure your offer to where there is a lender rebate; you qualify at one rate, we write it at a rate a little bit higher.

There's a difference there. Maybe that covers closing costs, maybe we want to do a seven one arm or a fifteen year, versus a thirty.

Or maybe you're like Scott, you know what?

I'm not going to sell right away, I'm probably not going to [inaudible 00:03:35] right away.

I would want to do what's best.

It might be, “Hey, guess what? I paid those closing costs out of pocket.”

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If you’re going to be in a property for a long period time…

I’m a big picture dude, I’m a deal structure, big picture guy, I get this stuff like that and I understand what you want to do. 

Here's the deal,

I get that there's a lot of choices, there's a lot of websites, there's a lot of guys in suits and ties.

I don’t wear a suit and tie, I don’t need the [inaudible 00:04:01], it doesn't have to be stuffy, it doesn't have to be hard, it doesn't have to be tricky or difficult.

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Have you gone to those sites and try and find out information and they say one rate, only to find out that you had to pay discount points, you have no idea what discount points were?

Don't bother with that.

Go to my website: sandiegorealestatehunter.com.

Over 500 articles. A lot of the on mortgages and deal structure and different types of mortgages and the [inaudible 00:04:28] chain, [inaudible 00:04:29] chain streamline and all that stuff.

Go there and check out our fantastic articles.

See some of my videos, where I try and break this stuff down as easy as possible.

Or better yet, go to scottsloanapp.com.

In twenty minutes or less, you can fill out an online application, whether it's on your phone, smart device or computer. As soon as you are done, I’ll get a text alert, I’ll pull your credit, you don't pay for it, I’ll pay for it.

I’ll call you up, I’ll make sure the credit report looks good and then I’ll say, “Hey, we're sitting good, let me give you a list of supporting documents that you’re going to need.”

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Things like the last two years tax returns, the last two years W2s, a driver's license and social security card, the full month’s paychecks, last two full months’ bank statements, all pages.

If you have a 401K or IRA or stocks or bonds.

Then depending on what your credit report might say, we might hear a few things; like if you have Chapter seven or Chapter thirteen or short sale or foreclosure or alimony or child support, maybe you have a student loan but you're doing a pay as you go or pay based off of income.

Go to scottsloanapp.com to get started and let me be your mortgage loan officer in San Diego.

I would love to help assist you with your home purchase, home sale, or home loan - please feel free to give me a call, text, or use the form below. 

Your Mortgage Loan Officer, 


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