3 Reasons to Hire Me as Your San Diego Real Estate Buyers Agent in 2021

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Hey, what’s going on?

It’s Scott Taylor, with sandiegorealestatehunter.com.

Licensed in the state of California, for both real estate in mortgages, with an emphasis on San Diego.

Now, with a lot of choices to represent you as a buyer’s agent, I want to give you three reasons why I'm the perfect San Diego buyer's agent for you.

Here's a quick rundown of our list:


I have real estate investing experience.

Look, I'm not one of these big box, websites with one of these big box agents that have a key and they open doors and they will show you a few places and they’ll answer a few emails.

But they don’t really know what's going on, right.

Let's be honest, they don’t really know what's going on.

They’re making hundreds of phone calls; it's called diamond for dollars.

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That's what they're doing all day. Here's what I do; I’m a real estate investor, I've been buying and selling real estate since the age of twenty one.

I've been doing it in San Diego, I've been doing it in [inaudible 00:01:07] and a few places.

I’ve been doing it overseas, in Latin America, in places like Argentina and Brazil and Nicaragua, in [inaudible 00:01:15]. Why is that important?

Because you want to deal with somebody that is doing what you want to do.

Maybe you want to find a place that's in an up and coming area and want to deal with somebody that understands what that means.

Maybe you want to deal with somebody that has bought property and inexpensively fix it up to sell it.

Maybe you want to work with somebody that has added on a bedroom or a bathroom or a kitchen or understands that,

“hey, it costs less to add on, in inexpensive areas like Talmage and North Park and Hillcrest and Kensington”.

Why don’t you buy a two, one, add some value to it? It costs less than a square footage and there you go.

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mortgage experience.

As I already said, I'm licensed to handle both real estate and mortgages.

Now, it blows my mind how many agents do not understand the simple loans that are available;

whether it's conventional or F.H.A. or V.A. or jumbo or Piggyback.

Here's why it matters, because when you go look at property, certain types of property depending on your loan might need certain thing.

As a for instance, the qualifications for an F.H.A, for the property or V.A. for the property is stricter than a conventional loan.

Many agents don't know that, many agents don't know the simple fact that, if you're going with an F.H.A. loan and you're buying the condo, you have to buy an F.H.A. approved condo.

Now, it sounds silly until you get in a transaction and you're with one of these agents and you're saying, “wow”.

So, one is big box agents and one is big box sites or maybe they're getting you some kind of rebate or cash at close.

Guess what?

You want to do deal with a discount agent or that knows what he’s doing?

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#3, combine the first two.

Deal structure.

It blows my mind, how I don't hear more agents, more professional, more people in the business, talking about deal structure.

How can you properly structure the deal, so it makes the most sense for you?

Maybe for you, you're looking at the lease amount of cash I’m talking is possible.

Well that would be the down payment and closing costs.

So, you have to structure that correctly.

Maybe we're going to have the seller pay your closing costs and our offer says,

“hey seller, you're covering X percent of closing costs”.

Maybe you want to use what's called a lender rebate,

where you qualify at one rate, we do it at another rate, there's a difference there.

That pays your closing costs.

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Obviously, maybe there's a combination of both of those.

Maybe it makes most sense,if you pay closing costs out of pocket, maybe you were going with the Cal HFA loan, up to a hundred and four percent, plus or minus financing, covers your down payment, coverage your loan, or cover part of your closing costs but not all.

So, it might make the most sense with that loan to then structure to where the seller would pay that difference.

Here's the deal.

You need to deal with an experience and savvy buyer’s agent and that's me.

Somebody that does real estate, does mortgage, is a real estate investor, thinks like that and understands deal structure.

Head on over to my website: sandiegorealestate.com.

Over 500 of the best articles on real estate, on mortgages, top places to eat, deal structure, etc. in San Diego.

Or better yet, go to Scottsloanapp.com and fill in mortgage.

In twenty minutes or less, you fill out a mortgage, whether it's on your phone, computer, and smart device.

As soon as you're done with that application, I’ll get a tax alert, I’m going to pull your credit, you don't pay for a thing, I will pay for it.

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I'll call you on the phone, make sure everything looks good.

If I think it does, I’ll offer some suggestions on maybe things that we could do.

I’ll ask you to provide the supporting document, things that you've already heard about; your driver's license and social security card, last two years tax returns and W2s, last two full months’ bank statements, all pages, last full month's pay checks.

If you have a 401K or stock, [inaudible 05:31] statement.

Then depending on what your credit report says, we might need things like a short sale or foreclosure paperwork or Chapter seven or Chapter thirteen or divorce decree, you get the idea.

Here's what I want you to do, go to scottsloanapp.com, get started in twenty minutes or less and let me be your buyer's agent.

Leave me a comment below – or, contact me here

Your Real Estate Buyers Agent,


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